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How to Adjust the Nose Bridge Depends on Style of your Goggles:

· Replace current nose piece to an either smaller or larger size.

· Slide the lenses closer together or further apart until the fit is right.


How to Adjust your Swim Goggle Head Strap:

. A tight head strap may cause tension marks around the eyes and a loose head strap may not maintain a proper water seal, causing an uncomfortable experience.

. To obtain the best performance from your goggles, increase or decrease the tension on your strap until a firm and comfortable fit is attained.


What is UV Ray?

Light energy travels through space in the form of waves, with different types of light having different wavelengths. Ultraviolet light rays, the damaging component in sunlight, are so short that they aren't part of the visible light spectrum that you can not always see or feel. UVA, linked to aging, liver spots and freckles and UVB, causing sunburn, linked to skin cancer and Cataracts. Over time, Ultra Violet Ray will damage Eyes and develops Cataracts.

What is UV Protection?

Standards for UV Protection have improved dramatically over the recent years, and today most lenses are effective at filtering or reflecting ultraviolet Ray. Lenses with proper quality UV Coating remain clear and provide Optical Clarity for your vision. Lenses with gray or green tint also offer the protection.

What is Anti-Fog?

Anti-Fog is a special Optical Treatment that ends misting, fogging and steaming of glass, plastic and mirrors coated lenses.

Children and Sun

How can you Protect yourself and you children from Harmful UV Ray?

. Since children do not understand the dangers of Ultra Violet Ray, they need more supervision and protection from Harmful Ultraviolet Ray. Children need special care as they spend more time for outdoors activities than adults.

. Wear a broad-brimmed hat or legionnaires cap, sunglasses and Goggles when Swimming or skiing.

. Apply sunscreen on clean, dry skin 20 minutes before going outside. (See UV Safety Reference Chart)

. Seek shade whenever possible.

. Minimize time in the sun between 10am-3pm.

. Always choose a sunscreen that is water resistant.

. Darker colored fabrics offer more Protection than lighter colors.